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Truffle Butter “Selezione” 8.1 oz – Pre-Order Only


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White Truffle Butter “Selezione” 

This exclusive rich and flavorful butter is made with fresh cream from the pastures of Reggiano, Italy with pieces of aromatic white truffles. It makes for an utterly decadent component to any dish!

Serving Suggestions: This versatile product is ideal for almost any dish ranging from pasta, to chicken, to fish and is especially useful for quick or last minute dishes. Melt over low heat and add to pasta, seared or grilled fish or steak and serve!

Grown underground and hunted only by the help of pigs and dogs, truffles, these rare and luxurious tubers are one of the most sought after ingredients by top chefs. They have been called the diamond of the kitchen. Known as one of the most desirable gourmet foods, nothing else comes close to the flavor of a truffle.

Unit Size 8.1 oz

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