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This is a Really BIG News Story!

Your new Website for true gourmet Italian foods has just Launched!

On a business trip to several Regions of Italy reviewing suppliers of true classic original Italian food items we visited many of the regions where you can still find the handcrafted Italian products.

This venture was very opportune for me as I was able to meet someone else that understood what great products from Italy are, and the difference they make in preparing Italian dishes. With the same interest, and the same desire to use the internet to assist us to spread the word and make these products available to everyone we joined forces to bring this dream to life.

Our talents and knowledge was a perfect match, my 40+ years in food product procurement, and her love of true Italian foods and a fantastic ability to create this wonderful web page through some of her associates, and friends.

Italian cooking when you see it done in Italy is really quite simple, not that it is without skills needed in the kitchen, but with the right products to start, it seems very simple. We will be sharing recipes and add videos for you to use and try.

We would also request that if you have tried our products and would be willing to share your comments or recipes using our product, or if you make a video and are willing to let us use it send them to us.

We will be adding information to this area about our company and how we were formed.

Please look around and see what we have to offer.

Bob M.

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